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Perfect Lash Adhesive Liner Black
Perfect Lash Adhesive Liner Clear
It Girl
3 x Goal Digger
Supreme Lash Mascara
Olivia Salo Too Much...
The Modern Muse Collection
My Fave
Dual Faux Lash Applicator
Private Lash Portfolio
The Glam Maven Collection
The Modest Beauty Collection
3 x Monroe
3 x Viva Glam
3 x Red Carpet
3 x Date Night
So Me
3 x Trophy Wife
DUFF Tote bag
Gift Card
The Ultimate Starter Kit
Synthetic single lashes
DUFF Makeupbag
Trophy Wife
Goal Digger
Easy Lash Applicator
Sharp Eyebrow Tweezer
DUFF Eyelash Glue White
DUFF Eyelash Glue Black
Red Carpet
Au Natural
Sasha Fierce
Viva Glam
Date Night
So Kylie
DUFF Powerbank with mirror and LED light